Purpose and Foundations

  • To promote true Biblical Faith in Australia; that is to promote the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; His only begotten Son, The Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) and the coming, literal Kingdom of God, centred in Israel

Recommended Books:

  • They Never Told Me This in Church
    The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah
    The Doctrine of the Trinity
    Our Fathers who aren't in Heaven
    Dancing with the Scimitar of Islam
    The Torah: Mosaic Law or Divine Instruction


National Conference09

Podcasts Schedule

Day 1 Friday 24th July Speaker

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Podcast(Audio) (Click to listen to streaming MP3)
Greg Deuble
I am not ashamed of the Gospel
Paul Herring
Mark Scull
The End of Globalisation: One World Government
Steve Cook
Cliff York
This is Life Eternal to Know You, the Only True God
Peter Barfoot
Anthony Buzzard

Day 2
Sat 25th July

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Podcast(Audio) (Click to listen to streaming MP3)
Greg Deuble
Anthony Buzzard
Paul Herring
Mark Scull
Steve Cook
Cliff York

Day 3
Sunday 26th July
Text of Speech or related notes
Podcast(Audio) (Click to listen to streaming MP3)
Anthony Buzzard
Margot Gulliver
Worship Service
Audio Video
Paul Herring

Kawana Community centre, sunshine coast qld 2009 - a brilliant venue with fantastic food and fellowship!

Notes: Despite my best efforts on the first day I failed to record my talk (Ultimate Re-Boot) on the Voice Recorder, but was able to extract the audio off the Video Camera. Also somehow, Anthony turned the Voice recorder off which was in his pocket for his talk and the Video Camera was only turned on as he finished, not off! So as a result we have no recording of Anthony's first talk sorry!

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