3D Ultrasound -Letter to the Editor 1,    8/11/04

(Edited version published in Courier Mail (Qld) on 9th Nov 04)


Regarding your news articles about the Minister for Health, Mt Tony Abbott’s recent comments on Medicare funding of abortion.


Abortion is not a private matter. If we were to witness a drunken man abusing a child it would not be enough to say we disagree with his actions. We should feel compelled to act and attempt to stop the abuse. The situation is very similar in the case of the ultimate of child abuse, which is abortion.


Mr Abbott has stated that women should be required to have an ultrasound before seeking an abortion. This is a fantastic approach. Recent research in the USA, by Jennifer Kabbany “Abortion vs Ultrasound”, and published in the Washington Times, Oct 29, 2003, indicates that since Ultrasound machines were introduced into America’s Pregnancy Resource Centres (equivalent to our Pregnancy Crisis Centre) 80-90% of ‘abortion-minded’ women now decide to keep their unborn children compared with only 20-30% beforehand.


This statistic if truly representative and transferable to Australia could mean that with compulsory 3D Ultrasounds before Medicare funding is approved we may see a drop in abortions in Australia of staggering proportions.


Although we ultimately desire to see an end to all killing of the weakest. most innocent and most vulnerable of our race at the altar of convenience, this change alone will go a long way towards this goal.


Coupled with the positive, pro-motherhood and pro-adoption educational media campaign we at ProLife Media Inc. are seeking to implement, I believe we could set an example to the world and save close to 100,000 of our children every year.



Investing in eternity,


Paul Herring