Back-yard: Letter to the Editor 5:  10/11/04


In today’s Letters, Megan of West Chermside misrepresents the Health Ministers proposals. As I understand it, he is arguing that women be asked to undertake a 3D Ultrasound before receiving tax-payer funding for an abortion, not being railroaded by anyone. Mr Abbott appears confident that when women see their unborn child is all its incredible glory many if not most will change their minds about killing this young human being.


Megan also raises the spectre of dangerous ‘backyard’ abortions. This is also a blatant fallacy that was perpetuated by the abortion industry. Prior to the ‘legalisation’ of abortion, 90% were performed in physicians offices. Prominent abortionists such as Dr Bernard Nathanson (now a pro-life advocate) admitted that they greatly inflated the numbers of deaths from ‘back-yard’ abortions.


The history of abortion strongly invalidates Megan’s claim. In Poland, when abortion was legal they had for example 168,000 abortions in 1970. Since making it illegal they had only 253 in 1998. Poland now has 25% less miscarriages and 30% fewer women dying. In fact the latest annual report is that Poland had 21 women die for pregnancy related problems with none listed as dying from abortion.


Women still die from legal abortions to the tune of over 300 in America.




Paul Herring