Terminate - Letter to the Editor 2. 8/11/04


Regarding the article, ‘Economic drive to terminate’ by Catriona Mathewson. SundayMail 7th Nov. 2004


Firstly, Catriona’s approach would be amusing if it were not so tragic. Her subtitle ‘… sifts fact from emotion in the abortion debate’ is given the lie to by her very title including the word ‘terminate’. It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception and therefore any abortion whether chemical or surgical is much more than the end of a pregnancy (which is what the birth of a baby is) but is in fact the death of a human being.


She quotes ignorant abortion doctors and unbalanced and misconstrued or misrepresented research to state a position that is far from fact and clearly indicates a succumbing to censorship either subconsciously or voluntarily. It is sad that journalists, who should be the strongest advocates against censorship so easily and so often collude in this practice with regard to this issue.


To elaborate, she quotes some research to the effect that only 2% of women who have aborted their children later regret it. This is patently false. There are dozens of studies that indicate these women experience a rise in sexual dysfunction, impotency, aversion to sex, loss of intimacy, unexpected guilt and extramarital affairs, traumatic stress syndrome, personality fragmentation, grief responses, child abuse and neglect (that is further child abuse, excluding the child abuse they have already been unwittingly party to), and increases in drug and alcohol abuse. They are 5 times as likely to abuse drugs.


A 1991 study by Dr Catherine Barnard found 18.8% of these women were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and a further 39-45% had sleep disorders, hyper-vigilance, and flashbacks.  She concludes that nearly 50% suffer some type of emotional trauma.


A 5 year UK study found the 25% sought out psychiatric care as opposed to only 3% of women with no prior abortions.


In America there are a large number of Post-Abortion support groups. Some of these are Women Exploited by Abortion, Victims of Choice, Healing Encouragement for Abortion related Trauma (HEART), Women of Ramah, Project Rachel, Open Arms, Abortion Trauma Services, American Victims of Abortion. Women Exploited by Abortion for example has over 30,000 members alone. There are no such support groups for other surgical procedures such as root canals or hip replacements.


Catriona quotes Geoff Brodie, an abortionist who states that he choses not to operate above 20 weeks as he wants ‘ … to sleep at night’. Even this ignorant doctor can sense that what he is doing is wrong. If it weren’t for all the money he makes maybe he would wake up to the killing he participates in. He shows his ignorance when he uses the specious argument regarding viability. For a start, viability does not begin at 24 weeks as he states. In the last decade it has gone from 30 weeks to under 20 weeks. Recently a child was born at 19 weeks and survived. Viability depends not only on the child but on the ability of our technology to save his/her life.


If viability is viewed in its broadest sense, as the capacity to live without depending on other human beings, many people in our society are not viable – the sick, the handicapped, Alzheimers victims, 2 year olds, many elderly and of course victims of serious accidents.


Lack of viability as properly understood should motivate us to protect these people not kill them as Dr Geoff Brodie would!


If Catriona and your newspaper were interested in demonstrating that you do not support censorship, then I appeal to you to show pictures of aborted babies in the same way you show pictures of children killed in Croatia, Iraq or the Gaza strip. I appeal to you to print a nurse’s description1 of a partial-birth abortion she witnessed and to convey the pro-life position as it actually is, as presented in sources like ‘Prolife Answers to ProChoice Arguments’ by Randy Alcorn, and not as it is caricatured by pro-abortion advocates.


Stop being ministers of propaganda for the politically correct position. Present the public with the facts.


Yours truly,


Paul Herring


1. Brenda Pratt Shaver, RN before the US House of Representatives 21st March 1996