Wanted: Letter to the Editor 4:  10/11/04


In today’s Letters Janet of Toowong restates the specious and worn out argument that “Every child should be a wanted child.”


Firstly, every child is a wanted child – perhaps not by its mother who has found herself with an unwanted pregnancy but by many who can’t have children except though adoption.


Secondly, many children who are at first not wanted are often very much wanted later in the pregnancy and even more so after the birth. Futhermore, many children wanted at birth are NOT wanted at 2:00 am six weeks later.


Being ‘unwanted’ describes not a condition of child, but an attitude of adults. The unwanted child is a real person regardless of some adults feelings toward him or her.


Many pro-abortionists argue that if born ‘unwanted children’ will receive more child abuse. Statistics show in fact that abortion has resulted in an increase in child abuse of born children. For example, in the first 10 years after the legalisation of abortion in the USA, child abuse increased by over 500%. This is sadly not at all surprising as when children are viewed as expendable and unworthy before birth, they were also be viewed in a similar way after birth.


Finally, it is illogical to argue that a child is protected from abuse through abortion since abortion IS child abuse.




Paul Herring