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The terrible miscalculation of young women is that abortion will make them ‘un-pregnant', that it will restore them to who they were before their crisis.

But a woman is never the same once she is pregnant, whether the child is kept, adopted, or killed. Abortion may be a kind of resolution, but it is not the one the woman most deeply longs for, nor will it even preserve her sense of self.  If those of us in the pro-life movement can help women to see this for themselves, we will have done much to disengage our culture from the abortion mentality.

At ProLife Media our primary focus is the goal of changing the culture of abortion which presently exists in Australian society; that is, to alter the mind-set of the people. 

We believe that for any lasting change to be achieved, a person must have a basic change of heart.  The positive pro-life commercials we wish to place on prime-time TV here will be very similar to the commercials that have had this effect and change of heart in the United States.

The members of ProLife Media Inc. are motivated by their commitment to Jesus Christ and are drawn from a wide variety of Christian congregations.


ProLife Media Inc.

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