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ProLife News Clips!
23rd November 2006
The Scientific Case Against Cloning
Some ProLife Videos
17th Novemeber 2006
Respectable Baby Killing
13th Novemeber 2006
The AntiLife Movement
8th Novemeber 2006
New Poll Shows More Americans Back Pro-Life Movement on Abortion
8th Novemeber 2006
California Tapes Show Abortion Centers Tell Teens to Deceive Parents
8th Novemeber 2006
Cloning Vote a Victory for organised lying
7th Novemeber 2006
Senators conned on Cloning
7th Novemeber 2006
Senator Barnaby Joyce's Speech on Cloning
6th Novemeber 2006
Senator Boswell's Speech on Cloning 6th Nov 2006
29th October 2006
Women Demand Ban on Research Cloning
28th October 2006
Qld Right To Life Dinner
27th October 2006
Positive Alternatives Helping Women avoid Abortion
21st September 2006
ProLife Organisation in Israel
15th Sept 2006
Cloning Articles
14th Sept 2006
British Survey Finds Overwhelming Majority of Women Regretted Abortions
5th Sept 2006
Stem Cells - some simple facts
1st Sept 2006
Australian Bioethics Sites
31st August 2006
'Abortion is not a dirty word' - a brief comment More on ABC link
29th August 2006
'Abortion is not a dirty word' The Courier Mail 290806
Reply from Festival of Light
28th August 2006
Good News from Brazil
Pregnancy Counselling Bill rejected
19th August 2006
Does Abortion Harm a Woman's Physical and Mental Health?
18th August 2006
Pregnancy Counselling Bill Rejected:
Majority Report --- Media Release
Media Release from Senator Boswell on Cloning
Senate Speech on Transparent Advertising and Notification of Pregnancy Counselling Services Bill 2005 by Senator Polley
12th August 2006
Do No Harm Media Release 11th August 2006
12th August 2006
Teens Cope With Unwanted Births Better Than Abortion
13th July 2006
Do No Harm
19th June 2006
New Zealand Pro-Life Group Upset Govt Funds Pro-Abortion Orgs
by Steven Ertelt LifeNews.com Editor June 13, 2006
Mayo Clinic Tells Women No Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer
12th June 2006
Rome, Italy (LifeNews.com) -- A new book published in Italy asserts that the abortion drug RU 486 is unsafe for women. The book is a novelty of sorts because a leading abortion supporter and pro-life advocate joined forces to publish it. It asserts women are traumatized by the abortion drug process.
Adelaide, Australia (LifeNews.com) -- A family is embroiled in a feud over a 31 year-old man injured in an automobile accident that left him comatose. Doctors say they have no more hope for Mark Leigep's condition to improve and his mother wants a feeding tube supplying him with food and water to be removed.
7th June 2006
RU 486 Use in Queensland still illegal
6th June 2006
Come and hear Pastor John O Anderson speak on Life Issues - Sat. 24th June.
2nd June 2006
In the U.K., Aborting a Baby is Legal, but Depicting it is a Crime. (Full story)
22nd May 2006
Lincoln, NE (LifeNews.com) -- The number of abortions in Nebraska has dropped more than 11 percent from 2004, according to the latest 2005 abortion totals from the state's health department. The number of abortions in 2005 was the lowest record total since the state's second year of collecting abortion figures in 1975. (Full story)
British and New Zealand Amnesty International Groups Back Abortion
New York, NY (LifeNews.com) -- The British and New Zealand national affiliates of Amnesty International have endorsed an AI proposition to change the human rights group's stance on abortion from one of neutrality to one favoring it. AI's decision to consider whether or not to take a pro-abortion stance is upsetting human rights campaigners across the globe who say the right to life is the basic human right. (Full story)
Australia Hospital Turns Over Woman's Records for Late-Term Abortion Probe
Canberra, Australia (LifeNews.com) -- An Australian hospital has decided to turn over the medical records to prosecutors of a woman who had a late-term abortion. Royal Women's Hospital decided not to appeal a court order requiring it to release to the Medical Practitioners Board the documents of a woman's 32-week abortion. (Full Story)

6th May 2006
Australia State Queensland Signs Off on Applications to Use Abortion Drug
Brisbane, Australia (LifeNews.com) -- Officials in the Australian state of Queensland have signed off on applications from two abortion practitioners there to be the first in the island nation to give women the dangerous abortion drug RU 486. There was some question whether the applications would run afoul of state law.
6th May 2006
Stem Cell Research - A World First
20th April 2006
Pro-Life Television Campaign Reduces Abortions, Helps Pregnant Women
Phoenix, AZ (LifeNews.com) -- A pro-life television campaign aimed at helping women find practical help and solutions is getting proven results. It has helped reduce the number of abortions and prompted thousands of women in cities across the nation to head to a crisis pregnancy center for assistance. VirtueMedia, an Arizona based nonprofit, is the brainchild of media veteran Tom Peterson. The group launched a major television campaign in eight cities during Fall 2005 and January 2006. The ads, run in cities such as Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, feature women from a variety of backgrounds discussing their fears about an unplanned pregnancy. They direct women to the 1-800-395-HELP phone number, which connects the caller to Option Line, a telephone counseling service run by Care Net and Heartbeat International. The counselors direct callers to local crisis pregnancy centers. A $20,000 campaign in Atlanta generated 2,646 calls to the toll-free phone number from pregnant women needing help. Atlanta Care Center, a Care Net affiliate, assisted some of the nearly 3,000 women responding to the campaign. “The majority of clients who visited our office found us by calling the number on the TV commercial," center director Jason Phillips explains. "Most of these women were abortion- vulnerable prior to the visit." Read the complete story. Read the complete story.
27th March 2006
Abortion Drug Has Killed Two More Women, FDA Reissues Warnings
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug has killed two more women. That brings the total number of women who have died in the United States up to seven and the abortion pill has injured at least 850 more. "At this time we are investigating all circumstances associated with these cases," an FDA statement said. In the statement, obtained by LifeNews.com, the FDA said Danco Laboratories, which manufactures the abortion drug, informed the agency of the deaths. In talking about the two additional deaths, the unnamed FDA official said the agency repeats its warning to doctors to be on the lookout for dangerous bacterial infections the abortion drug can cause. "[A]ll providers of medical abortion and their patients need to be aware of the specific circumstances and directions for use of this drug and all risks including sepsis when considering treatment," the FDA said. The location of the two women who died recently was not disclosed, but they follow on the heels of four women who have died in California. Read the complete story.
27th March 2006
Oregon Abortions Fall to Their Lowest Level Since 1998, Down 20 Percent
15th March 2006
Abortion Lies vs. Realities: Misleading Women About Their Health
8th March 2006
South Dakota - State ban on Abortion
6th March 2006
Human Rights and the Barbaric Partial-Birth Abortion Technique by John Whitehead
There are some things so evil that, even in a world filled with pain and suffering, it is almost incomprehensible that they exist in a so-called civilized society. What’s more, such evils should be opposed by any and every person who claims to be a champion of human rights. Partial-birth abortion is one such evil. Now the question of whether this gruesome evil will be permitted in American society will be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. Read the complete story.

2nd March 2006
Pregnancy Support Counselling initiative of Federal Government

19th February 2006
Abbott attack on Abortion Clinic Counselling
Excellent speech by Mr Kevin Andrews (Member for Menzies) to Parliament on the 16th Feb re RU486

17th February 2006
RU486 Bill passage a backward step for Australia, the Parliament and Women’s Health
The passage of the RU486 Bill through the House of Representatives today is disappointing. Important social policy issues such as this should always remain the purview of the Parliament and the Government of the day. Today, we have seen an abrogation of responsibility by the Australian Parliament that is unparalleled. Not only is this a disappointment for all those who are concerned for women’s health, it is a disappointment for all those Australians who believe in the Parliamentary oversight of ethical and social issues. The passing of the Bill will allow the TGA to approve a new class of drugs including RU486 and other abortifacients. The TGA’s assessment of RU486 or any of these abortion drugs will be conducted behind closed doors, with no opportunity for any expert scientists, doctors or community members outside the TGA to make submissions before its registration. Any ethical dimension or social impact of these drugs will not be assessed before approval is given. Given the US Food and Drug Administration and the Centre for Disease Control will be holding a urgent scientific meeting into the deaths of women from RU486 and high complication rates, it is hoped that the TGA will take this into consideration before approval of the drug.
Australians Against RU486 spokesperson Dr Cathy Lennon www.aaru486.com.au
16th February 2006

A Tale of Redemption

Photos Distill the Truth - from Eternal Perspectives Ministries

8th February 2006

Abortion Drug Causes Eight Deaths, Pro-Life Lawmakers Want Sales Stopped
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Members of Congress held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss new research showing eight women internationally have died from using the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, including five in the United States. More than 840 women have also experienced sometimes life-threatening complications from using the drug. Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett was joined by more than a dozen members of Congress who are backing his effort to suspend sales of the RU 486 abortion drug while its safety is investigated. Bartlett has introduced HR 1079, otherwise known as Holly's Law. It's named after Holly Patterson, a California teenager who died from using the abortion drug she received at a Planned Parenthood facility. "Today, we present stronger evidence that RU-486 kills and injures women," Bartlett said. The new study, co-authored by Dr. Donna J. Harrison and Dr. Margaret M. Gary appears in the February 2006 issue of The Annals of Pharmacothrapy. The study focuses on complications from RU 486 abortions contained in reports to the FDA from Danco Laboratories, the maker of the abortion drug, filed between September 2000 and July 2005. They analyzed 607 reports between September 2000 and September 2004 and found five deaths and 64 life-threatening and 224 severe events. Read the complete story.

8th February 2006

Pro-Life Groups Back Call for Bill to Suspend Abortion Drug Sales
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Pro-life advocates are supporting an effort by lawmakers in Congress to approve legislation that would require the FDA to suspend sales of the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug while it conducts a probe into its safety. The drug has been responsible for the deaths of five women in the U.S. and has injured more than 800 more. Deirdre McQuade, of the pro-life office of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and other pro-life leaders attended the press conference pro-life lawmakers organized Wednesday. "How many more women must die before we take a close second look at RU-486," she asked. "After five years of trauma and death associated with RU-486, the FDA's response has been limited to one health advisory and amended drug labeling," she complained. "The FDA should never have approved the drug – which is 10 times more dangerous than surgical abortion – in the first place, Concerned Women for American president Wendy Wright added. "But now it is the duty of Congress to take a stand for women's health and pass this law as soon as possible," Wright said. Read the complete story.

8th February 2006

Senator Felding, Family First Speech today in the Senate
Senator Boswell's Speech on RU486

4th February 2006

Study Shows Abortion Increases Likelihood of Sleep Disorders for Women
Bowling Green, OH (LifeNews.com) -- A new study conducted by a Bowling Green State University professor and an expert on consequences of abortion finds that women are more likely to be treated for sleep disorders or disturbances following an induced abortion compared to a birth. Dr. Priscilla Coleman, professor of Development and Family Studies at BGSU teamed with Dr. David Reardon of the Illinois-based Elliot Institute and examined records for 56,824 women with no known history of sleep disorders. The authors examined the records of 15,345 women who had an induced abortion and 41,479 women who gave birth. Compared to women who carry unintended pregnancies to term, research shows that women who have abortions are more susceptible to generalized anxiety disorder and depression and are more likely to receive psychiatric treatment, according to background information in the article. "Clinicians may be able to make more-appropriate referrals for counseling if they are aware of these potential relationships," the authors wrote. They found that women had considerable troubles sleeping during the first 180 days following the abortion. Read the complete story.

30th January 2006

Australians Oppose RU 486 Poll Shows, Abortion Advocates Blast It
Read the complete story.

16th January 2006

Some good news:
Brazil Government Backs Down on Supporting Bill to Legalize Abortion
Read the complete story.

12th January 2006

Let's Not Return to the Dark Ages

6th January 2006

Abortions Cause Severe Depression for Women, New Study Shows
Christchurch, New Zealand (LifeNews.com) -- A new study conducted in New Zealand finds women who have abortions are more likely to become severely depressed. The report confirms the results of a comprehensive study in 2004 in the U.S. showing abortion leads to a host of mental health problems. The New Zealand study found that having an abortion as a young woman raises the risk of developing mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. The findings come from the Christchurch Health and Development Study of 1265 children tracked since their birth in the 1970s. Some 41 percent of the more than 500 women in the study became pregnant by the age of 25 and 90 women had abortions. Some 42 percent of the women who had abortions had experienced major depression within the last four years. That's almost double the rate of women who never became pregnant. The risk of anxiety disorders also doubled. Read the complete story.
Also read transcript of ABC 7:30 report on this research here.

4rd January 2006

Pro-Life Group: Churches Should Show How Abortion Affects Christians Colorado Springs, CO (LifeNews.com)
A leading pro-life organization is challenging churches during the month of January to present the latest statistics about abortions to their congregation as the nation mourns the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Focus on the Family has challenged clergy members to consider recent statistics on abortion in the church when addressing their congregations. The group points to a survey conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute, a Planned Parenthood research outfit, showing 20 percent of women who have abortions say they are evangelical Christians. Kim Conroy, Sanctity of Human Life Director for Focus on the Family believes that it's time for churches to be proactive on this issue. "Every post-abortive woman sitting in our churches needs to know that there is help and forgiveness available -- and it's our hope during this Sanctity Week that pastors and other clergy will extend that to her," Conroy said.
Read the complete story.

3rd January 2006

Some old news items temporarily removed - hope to have back in a few days.

Check out the following links regarding the Abortion Breast Cancer Link
Abortion - Breast Cancer Link Is Real, Recent Studies Flawed

11th October 2005

In For Life Read Graham's story and reflect on the incredible injustice and tragedy that has lead to this.

Abortion Breast Cancer Link Speaker travels through Australia & New Zealand
Abortion Drug RU486 Lawsuit

6th October 2005
Pro-Life Action Required - Democrats Abortion Pill

Senator Allison and her pro abortion colleagues are trying to get the current ban on the French abortion pill RU486 lifted. She has a motion before the Senate to this effect.

Pro-life Senator Brian Harradine was responsible for the abortifacient's ban in 1996, as he pushed a motion through the Parliament requiring the specific permission of the Health Minister to lift the ban.

Pro-life Cabinet Minister Tony Abbott needs to hear from pro-lifers, telling him to stand firm against drugs that kill. Tell Tony Abbott to maintain the ban on RU-486. Also contact your Senators, and tell them that the Senate should not endorse this dangerous abortifacient.

Click on this link Federal Senators - By State Jurisdiction ( http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/senators/homepages/si-state.htm )and it will give you all the names and contact details of your Senators.

This link Hon. Tony Abbott - Contact Details ( http://www.aph.gov.au/house/members/member.asp?id=EZ5 ) will (obviously) give you Tony Abbott's.

This link What is RU-486? (NRLC) ( http://www.nrlc.org/abortion/ASMF/asmf6.html )will give you some information about the drug.
21st Sept 2005
Christian Doctors Group Blasts ACOG on Abortion Conscience Clause
Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- The 17,000-member Christian Medical Association (CMA) today highlighted the hypocrisy of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) in pushing for legislation to force conscientiously opposed physicians into referring their patients for abortions. CMA Executive Director Dr. David Stevens said, "For years now, ACOG has tried to promote abortion on demand as a matter of free choice. We've always known that abortion affords no choice or rights to a developing baby. Now we learn that ACOG would also strip choice and rights away from the very physicians it claims to represent. This is not only the height of hypocrisy; it is also a sure-fire way to lose more physician members who value their constitutional and professional rights of conscience." In an Aug. 30 letter to U.S. senators from ACOG President Dr. Michael T. Mennuti, ACOG asserted, "Doctors who morally object to abortion should be required to refer patients to other physicians who will provide the appropriate care." In his letter, Mennuti advocated that the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act, which Congress passed to protect the conscience rights of healthcare professionals and institutions, be changed to force physicians to refer patients for abortions. Stevens noted, "If a physician is morally opposed to abortion, why would that same physician violate his or her conscience by referring a patient to an abortionist to end the baby's life? And what kind of nation would force its physicians to violate their consciences and their Hippocratic oath by mandating participation in abortions?" Read the complete story.
20th Sept 2005
16th Sept 2005
Standup girl - Share the truth about your unexpected pregnancy
13th Sept 2005
Senate ‘abortion’ motion withdrawn
Mayo Clinic Under Fire for Playing Down Abortion-Infertility Link
11th Sept 2005
After a month of problems with a Hackers and a DDOS attack we are now with a new Web Host and hope to resolve all the attendant issues in the next few days.
Old news is at News Archive
Unborn Babies Cry in the Womb, New Zealand Researchers Show Auckland, New Zealand (LifeNews.com)
-- Researchers at Auckland University in New Zealand have revealed that unborn children begin to cry in the womb at 28 weeks into pregnancy. The scientists played a 90 decibel noise through a speaker placed on the stomachs of pregnant women and the babies cried because the noise was uncomfortable. Researchers recorded the cries using ultrasound scanners. "It was strikingly like an infant crying. Even the bottom lip quivers," professor Ed Mitchell told the London Sun newspaper. Mitchell said the results of the study, coming days after a disputed study claiming unborn children don't feel pain until about the same time, show that legislation requiring giving babies anesthesia before an abortion are necessary. "Maybe this is a wake-up call. We actually still do things to babies without anesthesia," he told the Sun. Pro-life groups say the results aren't surprising because babies born prematurely -- as early as 23 and 24 weeks into pregnancy, cry after their birth -- showing they have the physical capacity to do so long before the results the New Zealand scientists found.
British Favor Placing Further Limits on Late-Term Abortions
London, England (LifeNews.com) -- Late-term abortions in the U.K. should be limited further than current law allows, according to a new poll of British residents. Some 58 percent of those polled by YouGov said abortions should not be allowed until 24 weeks into pregnancy, by should be capped at 20 weeks. YouGov surveyed 2,432 adults and just 27 percent favored keeping abortions legal all the way until 24 weeks into pregnancy, when an unborn child born prematurely has a very high likelihood of surviving on her own. In addition, 28 percent of those polled said abortions should be limited even further. Some 19 percent said British law should stop allowing abortions at 12 weeks into pregnancy and 9 percent said abortions should only be allowed less than 12 weeks into pregnancy. Some six percent of British residents said abortions should never be legal at any time during pregnancy. The poll also showed that 48 percent of those polled opposed making abortions free through the taxpayer-funded health insurance offered by the federal government.

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