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Vitae TV Commercials

As shown on American television. The TV ad's are each 30 seconds in duration (about 1- 1.5 Mb file size). They show them around 8 times a day over a 13 week period to gain maximum effect (600-800 30 second adverts)

Life Saver - this ad shows a lady firefighter saving children and talking about her Mum saving her from an abortion.

Stuff Like That - a pregnant 17 year old reflects on the difficult situation she faces

Night - this, the saddest ad, shows a woman who had an abortion and can't sleep at night - she was told she wouldn't have cereal and toys all over the floor making a mess of her life.

Birthday - some shocking stats are revealed about woman having 2-3 even 4 abortions; that is whole families being killed before birth

Street - choices, rights and slavery - an interesting analogy

Mixed Signals - this ad shows a Mum with her daughter that she chose to bear despite all the mixed signals she got from her boyfriend and family when she got pregnant too young

TimeOut - this ad shows a mum and daughter talking about the daughters unexpected pregnancy - the mum had been through the same experience years before with the daughter now pregnant as well.

Runner - a young lady thinks about her situation as she goes for a jog through city streets.

Sonogram - a woman withe her daughter getting an ultrsound talks about how much better informed we are today and that we should reconsider abortion

Pregnancy Help - this is a 60 second radio ad which promotes the teenage Pro-Life web site


Our version of these ad's would direct listeners to local Christian Pregnancy Help Crisis centres.

USA Sites with more ads:

Vitae Caring Foundation: (Click Here )

LifeMedia.Org: (Click Here )

Virtue Media: (Click here )

The goal & desired effect of these ad's is to convince people that motherhood or adoption are not the greater 'evils' but are positive and beneficial alternatives for the mother.


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