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Defending The Apostle Paul: Weighing the Evidence

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The New Testament: The Hebrew Behind The Greek

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Doctrinal Pitfalls of Hellenism

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The Torah of Messiah Site contains some of the most powerful articles
on the foundational truth of the One God, the living reality of Torah and the saving testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach!
Please click on the image to visit this site and make it a core resource and cornerstone of your faith. 

by theologian Frank Selch[1]

What About The Sabbath

What about the Sabbath (pdf)
A excellent introduction to the Sabbath for Gentiles

A look at some serious redactions in Hebrews

The Covenant in Hebrew 8 & 9
A look at some changes and additions to the text that are dramatic in the message they reveal.

The Kyrios Querstion - Which Lord is it?

The Kyrios Question (pdf)
The translation of the Hebrew name for God int Greek,
and then English introduced some subtle but veruy significant issues.

Original Sin and the Fall of Adam

Original Sin & the Fall of Adam (pdf)
The doctrine of Original Sin introduced by Augustine
has very serious and unhelpful consequences.

Romans 3:10-18 - Conflicting with the Yeshua?

Romans 3 10-18
This passage differs like night and day from the message proclaimed by Yeshua:
"…turn back (repent) for the Kingdom of God is at hand (or near)…‟.

Genesis & the Seed of Abraham - A conflict with Gal 3:16?

The Seed of Abraham (pdf)
Is there a conflict between this message of the Apostle Paul and the promises given to Abraham?

Christian Monotheism -a return to true faith or just a 1/2 way house?

Christian Monotheism (pdf)
The moment one removes divinity from Jesus, Christianity as a unique religion collapses.
Surely not! Be challenged by Frank's article and it's implications 

Psalm 2: An Awesome Prophecy

Psalm 2: An awesome prophecy
Ps 2 is clearly a Messianic Psalm, but perhaps it is even more than most realise . 

Dancing With the Scimitar of Islam

Dancing with the Scimitar of Islam (ppt)
An introduction to Frank's book
- a little dated now but still some valuable information 

It's the Root that supports you!

It is the root that support you! (pdf)
A look at who is the cultivated Olive Tree
and therefore who supports who.

Satan & Demons

Satan & Demons (pdf)
Frank addresses his chalenging question
and looks at teh Biblcail evidence.

Review of a new "old" translation of Galatians

Galatians Review

A re-translation of the oldest extant manuscripts of Galatians has been made by Jewish translator Uriel Ben Mordechai. I discuss my thoughts of this attempt to go back as far as possible to the original text.

Did Jesus Die In Our Place?

Did Yeshua Die in Our Place?
An article by Bart De Wilde, March 2017

German version - translated by Michael Schrimpf

Are we in the New Covenant

Are we in the New Covenant?
Part 1 of a 5 part series of sermons by Pastor Aubrey Burt. All at my Podomatic site.

Paul's Galatians 4 Allegory

Paul's Galatians 4 Allegory (pdf)

A great article by Prof. Mark Nanos

What is the Gospel

What is the Gospel (pdf)

A good article from Anthony Buzzard.

The NT is not Scripture?

The NT Letters are not Scripture

An interesting sermon from Pastor Aubrey Burt..

Are you following Messiah?

Are you 'following' Christ(Messiah)?(pdf)
From A.B (Bruce) Barham of

Romans 10 in Context

Romans 10 in Context
An insightful presentation from Pastor Aubrey Burtd salvation.

Judea & Samaria explained!

Judea & Samaria
- a great talk by Sondra Oster Baras.

Fiat Theory - the best understanding of the Creation Days

Fiat Days - THE best interpretation of the creation
Physicist and theologian, Hill Roberts gives a great explanation of the Fiat Theory

The Age of Man

Radiometric Dating

Radiometric Dating - a tour de force (pdf)
A great explanation of how radio-dating works and it's validity.

Are There Gaps in the Genesis Genealogies?

Are there gaps in the Genesis Genealogies?
Written over 100 years ago
this is a great article by WH Green

Genesis Genealogies Revisisted

The Genesis Genealogies
Another great article on the genealogies by Dr John Millam

Creation & Evolution Lecture Series

Creation vs Evolution - Session 1
Creation vs Evolution - Session 2
Creation vs Evolution - Session 3
A series of lectures on this topic.See the Intelligent Design page for more.

Siblings of the King - Living in the Will of the Father

This video is not complete (lost the last 15 odd minutes), but you may still find it helpful.

The Ten Happiness Principles
An Introduction to my Udemy Course
Access the course <<here>>

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They Never Told Me THIS in church! - by Greg S. Deuble (c) 2006 Restoration Fellowship

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Torah: Mosaic Law or Divine Instructions - by Frank Selch (c) 2006 the olive tree connection

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Replacement Theology - by Frank Selch (c) 2008 the olive tree connection

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