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The Church= of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: by Bobby Henderson


Quote from http://www.venganza.org/faq.htm#f4 :

̷= 0; Science =3D the study of repeatable, observable, natural phenomena. Accepting a supernatural explanation= is a cop-out. It's faith, NOT science.

Relig= ious nuts: please stop emailing me about that. No I can't "repeat" evolution for you, so stop asking. But if you doubt the science that all= ows us to guess the age of the earth, then please stop using your computer, cell phones, and TV. The same methods of science that brought you those are the = same methods we use for these evil evolution theories.

Science is NOT truth, it's the search for truth, fact.<= /o:p>

This website by offers a comic critique of ID.


Again it falsely labels ID as Young Earth Creationism = (in reference to guessing the age of the earth).


Note also that their definition of science uses the wo= rd natural in an attempt to eliminat= e any Intelligent Designer behind the phenomena.


Note also the error re ‘repeat’ing evolution – if macro-evolution has occurred, it is also most likely s= till occurring (by logical inference) and thus should be observable as stated in his definition.


PFH 18/07/06